Amazing Africa – 15 facts that will surprise you
Amazing Africa – 15 facts that will surprise you
Africa is one of the largest continents on our planet, but at the same time it remains little explored. For most people, this is an exotic place full of dangers, but you need to understand that Africa is the cradle of human civilization. There are many interesting and amazing facts about this continent that you did not know about. 15 Amazing Facts About Africa
  1. Not many people know, but the distance between Europe and Africa is only 14 kilometers by sea. Today, active work is underway on projects that involve the construction of a bridge that will connect the two continents.
  2. African children not only start families early, but also start working from the age of 5. According to statistics, 40 percent of all children on this continent go to work for the first time between the ages of 5 and 13.
  3. Africa is one of the driest continents with very few drinking water sources. According to statistics, each person has to walk an average of 3-4 kilometers daily to get to the source of drinking water.
  4. The largest land animals are African elephants and they live only here in Africa. They are currently under protection.
  5. Despite the fact that elephants are protected, hunters kill about 96 individuals of these animals every day.
  6. A huge number of predators and dangerous animals live in Africa, but at the same time, the herbivorous hippopotamus tops the list of deadly individuals. This is a very dangerous and large mammal that attacks in any danger.
  7. Witwatersrand is a mountain range located in South Africa is not so simple. In the entire history of mankind, it was from the deposit located in these mountains that half of all the gold reserves of the world were mined.
  8. The history of mankind is full of facts confirming the slave trade of African natives, who were sent to various parts of the world for sale. But there is such a term as the "Barbary slave trade", an event that stretched for 250 years and during this period almost 1.5 million Europeans in Africa were sold into slavery.
  9. The African state of Lesotho is located throughout its territory at an altitude of 1000 meters below sea level. The most popular social network in Africa is Facebook. Despite low levels of wealth and high rates of poverty, more than 105 million Africans are registered in this network.
  10. The laws of South Africa allow vehicle owners to install various types of flamethrower weapons on their cars for personal safety.
  11. Tanzania is the state where the highest number of albinos per thousand people is born. At the same time, some sorcerers and shamans still continue to hunt for albino children, as they consider their blood to be healing and magical.
  12. The Mursi tribe is famous for the fact that they constantly use devices for body transformation. For example, women use plates to stretch their lips. And it is considered beautiful.
  13. In Africa, tribes still live in caves and use tools made from bones and sticks. Their development and social relationships are at the primitive communal level.
  14. At the moment, scientists are finding tools around the settlements of these tribes that are several tens of thousands of years old and many of them are still suitable for exploitation.
  15. There are several times more people in Africa who speak French than in France itself. Everything is due to the fact that most modern countries used to be colonies of the French.